To create bold & beautiful art that provides a powerful visual nudge toward inspiration & imagination.    I strive to create generous & authentic art that subtly influences the feelings, behaviours, & decisions made within its space, nudging people toward their soulspace.  I am enamoured with applying that power, to gently strengthen viewers idealism, rewarding their contemplation by fortifying the ideals & values that truly sustain them.

My mission is to help create more and more spaces where people are reminded of the values, purposes, and memories that sustain them.  My art is designed with that in mind, and I evaluate its worth by how well it is able to do the following three things:

  • It draws peoples attention.  The art is so intriguing and beautiful, that it makes views to take a moment and pause.   Those who pause, and enter into a reflective mindset are able to be more creative and make better decisions than those stuck in an automatically responsive mindset.  When people pause and engage with beauty, inspiration and imagination naturally result.
  • It actually is transformative & restorative.   Its presence in a space actually makes a difference in how people feel, think, and act in the space.  The art provides a reconnecting point to the values, purposes, and memories that move us to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • The art becomes an emblematic talking point, because it encapsulates the values, purposes, and or memories of its owner.



I have experienced the power of the visual nudge throughout my life.  This happens to me every time I see something that infuses me with wonder, curiosity, or a sense of playfulness.  My art work is designed to help share this experience with others.

I use art as a means of exploring the wonder of new ideas, imagining their curious possibilities, then playfully transforming colours, shapes, and lines to express my discoveries.  Art in a room can nudge our spirits to breathe in inspiration & imagination.  I harness that spirit in my art, so that those who see it are unconsciously guided into soul spaces where wonder, curiosity, and play thrive.

My artistic passion began as a child in the playful world of cartoons, especially Bill Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes”, where  I am still fascinated by the way so few lines can communicate so much.   As a young adult my visual curiosity lead me to Canada’s own “Group of 7”.   I have been particularly inspired by Lawren Harris, Franklin Carmichael, and Tom Thomson.  Their ability to distill a composition to it’s emotional and spiritual essence amazes me. As an adult I am enamoured by the wonder of abstract art.   The work of Keith Wood, Barnet Newman, Mark Rothko, & Franz Kline have been particularly instructive to my practice.   Abstract art is able to convey much by saying very little, and is able to share the essence of an idea on a visceral level, enabling viewers to experience multiple states.

Now in my fifties, I am eager to embrace the rest of my life as wholly as possible.  This guides me to develop complimentary aspects of my artistic interests. I strive to combine  the logical with the emotional, and the tangible with the spiritual.  It is also why I love painting non-representational abstract, and representational impressionistic work.

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