My Vision:

To create bold and beautiful art that transforms spaces into places where inspiration and imagination thrive.


I paint to create bold and beautiful fine art work that is able to inspire & ignite the imagination.  When I walk into a room I automatically scan the place for art.  I soak in its colour & composition.  I examine its texture and layers then imagine how it  was created.  I feel how it nudges my thoughts & feelings.  I am very conscious of how I am affected by art in a room.  I think most people experience visual nudges from art, even though they might not be fully conscious of it. 


I particularly love being in places with art that infuse me with wonder, curiosity, or a sense of playfulness.   My art is designed to provide this experience for others.  As an artist I’m on a mission to transform spaces into places where inspiration & imagination thrive.  Places where people are continually reminded of ideals that sustain them.

I use art as a means of exploring the wonder of new ideas, imagining their curious possibilities.  Like one panning for gold in the streams of consciousness, I play with the colours, shapes, and lines to discover powerful combinations that become a nugget of art. These valuable nuggets become the currency of transformation.

I am eager to embrace life as wholly as possible.  I know there is still much to explore and discover.  I feel a compulsion to develop complimentary aspects of my artistic interests. I bring my lifetime of science teaching  and self-study of art to combine  the logical with the emotional, the bold with the beautiful, and the tangible with the spiritual.  I love painting non-representational abstract, and representational impressionistic work, as I see them as two sides of the same beautiful coin formed from nuggets of inspiration & imagination.

A bit on my artistic influences:

I’ve always had a passion for art.  My artistic passion began as a child in the playful world of cartoons, especially Bill Watterson’s “Calvin & Hobbes”, where  I am still fascinated by the way so few lines can communicate so much.   As a young adult my visual curiosity lead me to Canada’s own “Group of 7”.   I have been particularly inspired by Lawren Harris, Franklin Carmichael, and Tom Thomson.  Their ability to distill a composition to it’s emotional and spiritual essence amazes me. As an adult I am enamoured by the wonder of abstract art.   The work of Keith Wood, Barnet Newman, Mark Rothko, & Franz Kline have been particularly instructive to my practice.  Abstract art is able to convey much by saying nothing in particular.  It is able to share the essence of an idea on a visceral level, enabling viewers to experience multiple states of understanding.

It’s been an honour to be juried into the Manitoba Society of Artists (MSA). 

It is also an honour to have been juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and to have earned their ACTIVE MEMBER status.

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